Paramètre SAP Activating_Workload_Statistics - Activating Workload Statistics documentation

Activating_Workload_StatisticsTo activate the workload statistics, set the parameterstat/level in the system profile to value 1. You
can deactivatethe response time statistics by setting the parameterstat/level to 0.You can set this parameter in the instance profiles of theinstances for which you want to compile statistics.Alternatively, you can set the parameter in the standardprofile DEFAULT.PFL if you want to activate the performancemonitor for all instances of your R/3 System.Once you have activated the response time statistics, allresponse time profiles and hit lists are available, except fortable accesses. If you set the parameter in the instanceprofile to 0, the recording statistics data is deactivated onlyon the instance which uses the profile. If you set thecorresponding parameter in the standard profile, the recordentry is interrupted on all instances, providing no contraryparameter setting exists in their local profiles.