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Composant : Client/Server Technology -

Solution : (Connexion à SAP Service Marketplace requise)

Mots Clés :
Downward-compatible kernel DCK 640
central instance, drive&gt k1\nt\&lt, kernel directory, operating system, following commands, k1\nt\&lt processor, application servers, information about, service marketplace, processor type&gt, compatible kernel, \usr\sap\&lt sapsid&gt, directory structure, sapsid&gt, kernel executables, check whether, kernel library, downward compatible, support packages, universal database, os&gt sapcar, run, sapsid&gt \sys\exe\run, drive&gt \usr\sap\&lt, upgrade caution

Notes associées :

1088922Improvement: Starting RFC servers
1084953Correct code page when receiving MDMP tables using RFC
1084757RFC Patch Collection 33 2007
1058988640_EX2 Kernels
947809ZV-Meldeprogramm 2006: Datenträger Sortierung für VBL
945736Farsi (Persian) calendar support
931129Deactivating the command field during RFC debugging
914486Installing J2EE Add-In for WAS 6.20
904977iSeries: Support Package stacks for SAP Kernel 6.40
866639Core dump when unsharing a HASHED TABLE in a LOOP
852036INSERT to a shared HASHED TABLE in a LOOP
816097Availability of SAP on Linux for the x86_64 platform
807912Double-byte locales for SAP kernel 6.40 on OS/400
8054596.20 Kernel Desupport: Effects on iSeries
803429Desupport 6.20 kernel
800791IBM i: In-place Code Page Conversion ASCII to Unicode
787328iSeries: SG021 Operating system OS400 unknown
787302Maintenance for SAP kernels seems to end too soon
779879BIDI: Support for fieldwise base direction
766913Additional information about SAP kernel 6.40 on OS/400
760162iSeries: Loading a new J2EE Kernel or Java Startup Framework
760137SAP DB: MSCS installation with 6.20-based products
751132iSeries: How to apply a 640 Kernel
751131iSeries: How to apply a kernel patch in releases 6.40/7.00
727683SAP kernel 6.x MaxDB: Released operating systems
721761Increasing the pool size by about 50MB in 64-bit versions
708659Workprocesses die
684106Microsoft runtime DLLs
587150Support of Arabic-script languages
577652Syslog message R19: Initialization of alerts failed
539922Installing the ORACLE client software 9.2.X for UNIX
519753Problems with ICU shared libraries
516675UPDATE/DELETE operations terminate with subquery
501866Garbage collector deletes live event handler objects
500297Additional Information: Upgrade to SAP Web AS 6.20: iSeries
498369Hebrew BIDI problems
455506DB6: Installing the Latest 6NN DB2 Admin Tools
419990Deleting AS/400 ABAP loads and screen loads
410783SAP Kernel 6/7.x DB2/400: Released operating systems
407328SAP Kernel 6.x MS SQL Server: Released operating systems
407325SAP Kernel 6/7.x DB2/390(z/OS): Released operating systems
407322Released operating systems for SAP kernel 6.x DB2/UDB
407317Released operating systems for SAP kernel 6.x INFORMIX
407314SAP kernel 6/7.x ORACLE: Released operating systems
401717Additional info on upgrading to SAP Web AS 6.10 (Basis)
318198DB2/390: R/3 kernel exchange for instances on OS/390 or z/OS
162991Generation tools for ABAP programs
155580Creating report loads after transport
142100Windows: Problems with new SAP service as of Rel. 4.5B
138704Provision of patches for kernel releases
112065Using customer language 'Z1'
100189DB2/390: Applying kernel patches
84685AS/400: Availability of RFC in 4.x, 6.x and 7.00
80475Terms: Release, Support Package, kernel patch
63037AS/400: Deleting SQL Packages
19466Downloading SAP kernel patches