Notes SAP

Composant : Strategic Enterprise Management - Upgrade Add-On Components (IS)SCM-APO-ANA-ATP Supply Chain I

Solution : (Connexion à SAP Service Marketplace requise)

Mots Clés :
BW Upgrade 3.1, Add-On, Upgrade, Internet, Web, New Dimension,SEM-BW 350, FINBASIS 200, SEM-BW 3.50, FINBASIS 2.00, BW 310, BW 3.1CONTENT
support package, support packages, package level, minimum, source release, delta upgrade, transaction saint, transport directory, activation phase, version, minimum support, material number, phase, sapcar archive, caution, basis support, caution, avers table, upgrade, cofiles directory, additional information, saint package, service marketplace, extension module, upgrade

Notes associées :

837173RADCUCNT in Unicode Conversion: Collective Note
688807SAP SEM 3.5: Status Unrestricted Shipment
614949FINBASIS 200 installation (with transaction SAINT)
614932Upgrade to SAP SEM Release 3.5
614928Installation of SAP SEM Release 3.5
597638Installing/upgrading Basis Plug-In (PI_BASIS) 2003.1
597493Delta upgrade BI_CONT 310 -> 320
570810Additional info about Basis or R/3 upgrade with PI_BASIS
545741Additional information on upgrading to BW 3.1 Content
439915Exchange Infrastructure Integration Server 2.00
438520Overview: Notes for Add-On FINBASIS
186299Overview: Notes for add-on SEM-BW