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Composant : README: Upgrade Supplements - Installation and Upgrade AS/400

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Notes associées :

428855IBM i system values
380968AS/400: Checking table types before the upgrade
376510iSeries: V5R1: SQL0030 error in SDB1FDB4
373097AS/400: KX_SWITCH fails with 'Unable to run CRTR3INST ...'
352776AS/400: Termination of upgrade phase JOB_RSDB4XTT
310852Performance improvement with upgrade and service packages
187591 AS/400: phase CNV_AVOID terminates in the upgrade
185151 AS/400: SQL0303 for table COBK
178452Release upgrade from 4.0 to 4.5 for customers programs
171885AS/400: R/3 Upgrade on OS/400 Release V4R3M0
161699AS/400: Upgrade Assistant
151833Additional Info: Upgrading to FCS 4.5B
121063 Custmr-specfc movmnt types in upgrde to 4.0B/4.5A
117668Additional info: Upgrading to 4.5B
112029Current note about language import 4.5A/BW 1.2B
102973 AS/400: Ger. menus, DB02 adjust. & RSDB4DBA missing
99792AS/400: NLS on AS/400 4.0X (EBCDIC)
99434AS/400: R/3 Upgrade Assistant
98752Migration proposal pools (Release 3.0F/3.1x)
97585 Space requirements for the 4.0B language import
97583Current note about language import 4.0B
96905Error message TG063 in upgrade phase JOB_RADDRCHK
95830GEN_SELECTION_SCREEN_ERROR during upgrade
92665Upgrade to 4.0A/B: screen texts are deleted
91710Additions upgrade to 4.5A
91709Addition upgrade to 4.0B
86985Release of R/3 releases for SAP R/3 add-ons as of 4.0A
86627Movement types: Customizing during release upgrade
85845SAP Kernel 4.0x/4.5x DB2/400: Released operating systems
83292Releases and PTFs for R/3 on AS/400
82167Upgrade 4.0: Conversion of address tables, runtime
79913V4.R1 Releases and PTFs for R/3 on AS/400
76431Measures for optimizimg the upgrade runtime 4.x
71258AS/400: Cross-ref. files defective? RCLSTG *DBXREF
68440AS/400: How do I upgrade to a higher OS/400 Release?
67921References to upgrade notes concerning HR 3.1G-4.7
66985AS/400: SQL catalog points to wrong library
63037AS/400: Deleting SQL Packages
62519 Correction locks do not belong to system
60252iSeries: TCP/IP host name configured incorrectly
53971AS/400: Elimin. VBHDR inconsistency before upgrade
53851AS/400: Upgrading application servers
53760AS/400: Procedure for journal receivers in upgrade
51046 Transport transfer; Central transport directory
49365iSeries: Applying a patch
45619R/3 with several languages or several fonts
33888 Upgrade 3.0: central Basis objects are modified
33525Important information about SAP patches (< 3.1H)
24864No conversion of the table BSEG
15023Initializing table TCPDB (RSCP0004) (EBCDIC)