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1297856Upgrade to PI 7.10/7.11 leaves tables with prefix "OLD"
1273895Exceptions during Upgrade due to inconsistent data
1273115Size limitation for XSLT stylesheets
1258173Downloading logically-split volumes
1235247Upgrade to PI 710 Fails - open DB cursors exceeds max limit
1229555MOPZ Stack Delta: SID/HOST Case-Sensitive Issue
1226831SEND_UPGEVAL/COPY_SAPJVM_ADDIN fails with OutOfMemory
1174788Upgrade to NetWeaver PI 7.1 with Pay Engine 300
1167474Upgrade SEEBURGER components from XI30/PI70/PI711 to 71x/7.3
1158626P4 connection to ICM on machine with multiple IPs fails
1154961Checks to be executed before ESR/PI Upgrade to 7.1
1142364Missing print parameters after upgrade
1138713BPE: Information about the upgrade to NetWeaver PI 7.1
1047762STMS: Could not create user TMSADM
1017840BP_ZZZ: FSBP_TREASURY_TO_BW BAdI implementation
1012486Important Information on upgrading SAP Systems in HA-Setups
1004920DB6: Supplements for upgrades based on SAP Basis 710
976523MS SQL Server: Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.1 and 7.1 EHP1
960790Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.1 AS ABAP/AS Java ORACLE
954792Known problems with Support Packages in SAP NW 7.1 AS ABAP
950871Additions to upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.1 AS ABAP: MaxDB
950725Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1: IBM DB2 for i5/OS
949463Repairs for upgrades to products based on SAP NW 7.1
943141DB2-z/OS: Additions upgrade to SAP NW 7.1
870170Customization is lost after upgrade of the Engine
865142Customer-specific entries in EDIFCT are deleted
861890ODS tables disappear during the upgrade
828432Enabling Microsoft Cluster Support in SAP MMC
737099IGS upgrade step fails
673066LSMW: Upgrade to SAP Enterprise 4.7 (or Basis 6.20)
626272Termination in the JOB_RSTLANUPG phase
547773SPAU: interface method names are truncated
525677Problems when starting shadow instance
430318Shadow instance on other operating system
398927ORA errors because dimensions of parameters are too small
197886Upgrade: messages in CHK_POSTUP: BDL*, STSL*, BAM*, SQLR*