Notes SAP

Composant : Monitoring - Startup Service

Solution : (Connexion à SAP Service Marketplace requise)

Mots Clés :
CCMS, RZ20, SAPMC, SAPMMC, sapstartsrv, sapccmsr, A1S, saphostcontrol, saphostexec, SAPControl
shared memory, central system, patch collection, sapstartsrv terminates, sapstartsrv patch, agent registration, parallel access, register central, logging sapccm4x, sapccm4x sapstartsrv, logging sapccmsr, sapccmsr sapstartsrv

Notes associées :

1547201CCMS: Start and stop standalone agents
1157851CCMS: Addition of Java system does not add agents
1136330CCMS agent in sapstartsrv: Patches 2008
1134931CCMS: Missing metrics for the Java Engine
1130394CCMS: Addition of system with CTC does not configure agent
1129577CCMS agents and kernels: Patches 2008
1116453CCMS: Missing logical ports in other clients
1013331CCMS agents and kernels: Patches 2007