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UDI-00052 incorrect Data Pump client for operation: string
UDI-00053 unrecognized client command string
VID-00611 unable to access the BLOB for reading
VID-00612 unable to open export destination file
VID-00613 export destination access denied
VID-00614 I/O error during export
VID-00702 unable to initialize video processing environment
VID-00703 unable to read video data
VID-00704 invalid input format
VID-00705 unsupported input format
VID-00706 unsupported or corrupted input format
VID-00707 unable to read empty video data
VID-00713 internal error while parsing video data
VID-00714 internal error
VID-00721 unable to find format plug-in package ORDPLUGINS.ORDX_string_VIDEO
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