Note 960783 - Add. info.: Upgrade to SAP NW 7.0 Support Rel. 2 ABAP

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Update, migration, upgrade, release, maintenance level, SAPup, PREPARESAPup, upgrade program, SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s)
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Notes associées :

1253309Changes to tables ACO_USER and ACO_ROLE after RPM XPRA
1227759Activation of new and changed BW Objects during upgrade
1170069Text lines are returned twice when reading text files > 2 GB
1142364Missing print parameters after upgrade
1122725DB02: Unknown objects in SAP Dictionary after Upgrade
1068628DB02: 30 tables starting with 'DB6' not known in DDIC
1068627Composite note about workflow upgrade
1065960Missing BAdI implementations in IMG
1032635Generated structures disappear after upgrade
1013807Problems after upgrade to NW2004s - Adding table entries
1011190MSCS:Splitting the Central Instance After Upgrade to 7.0/7.1
1006116Migration of workload statistics data to NW2004s (2)
1005238Migration of workload statistics data to NW2004s
996953SPAU entry exists for nonexistent CMOD project
961146Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.0 ABAP SR2: IBM DB2 for i5/OS
955615Error in upgrade phase JOB_RSWBOUP1
865142Customer-specific entries in EDIFCT are deleted
861890ODS tables disappear during the upgrade
851449Changeability of BW objects during the upgrade
850664Upgrade 2.X to 7.X: RSSM_PREPARE_SDLINIT_TABLES_70
839539Document flow empty in item view
828432Enabling Microsoft Cluster Support in SAP MMC
826464Upgrade from 3.X to 7.X: RSSM_PREPARE_SDLINIT_TABLES_40
825146Add. info. on upgrading to SAP NetWeaver 7.0 on SQL Server
822379Known problems with Support Packages in SAP NW 7.0x AS ABAP
822296Additional info: Upgrade to SAP NW 2004s AS ABAP (iSeries)
821032Corrections for SAPup release 7.00
820640Upgrade from 3.X to 7.X: RSSM_CHECK_RSMONICDP_3X_40
819876DB6: Additional info about upgrade (based) on SAP NW AS 7.0
819655Add. info.: Upgrade to SAP NW 2004s ABAP ORACLE
817463Addtnl info for upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.0x ABAP: MaxDB
815202DB2-z/OS: Additions upgrade to SAP NW AS 7.0
813658Repairs for upgrades to products based on SAP NW 2004s AS
673066LSMW: Upgrade to SAP Enterprise 4.7 (or Basis 6.20)
626272Termination in the JOB_RSTLANUPG phase
563201Upgrade problems of fact table views /BIC/V<Infocube>F
557314As of Release 610: TVARV replaced with TVARVC
547773SPAU: interface method names are truncated
525677Problems when starting shadow instance
506694Upgrading to SAPI 3.0B
505497BOR control tables transferred with client copy
485741Handling customer translations during the upgrade
430318Shadow instance on other operating system
415682Generation error of BOR object types during upgrade
197886Upgrade: messages in CHK_POSTUP: BDL*, STSL*, BAM*, SQLR*