SAP Tables

Table Name Component
WTMIGBK Withholding Tax Changeover - Selected Company Codes Basic Functions
WTMIGCOUNT Current Number Level of Withholding Tax Conversion Runs Basic Functions
WTMIGGJAHR Withholding Tax Changeover: Year-Dependent Document Convers. Basic Functions
WTMIGIF Withholding Tax Changeover: Commands Executed by Tool Basic Functions
WTMIGJOB Withholding Tax Changeover: Last Job Started Basic Functions
WTMIGMATCH Withholding Tax Changeover: Creation of Code -> Type/Code Basic Functions
WTMIGMESS Messages Logged for Withholding Tax Changeover Basic Functions
WTMIGMESSEXC Withholding Tax Changeover: Alternative Message Types Basic Functions
WTMIGRUN Withholding Tax Conversion Run Basic Functions
WTMIGSTEP Steps in Conversion Run Basic Functions
WTMIGTC Changeover - Assgt of Classic W/Tax Code to Ext.Type/Code Basic Functions
WTMIGTEXT Text for Withholding Tax Changeover Run Basic Functions
WTMIGTYP W/Tax Changeover: Number of W/Tax Types in Master Record Basic Functions
WTMIG_PROT1 Withholding Tax Changeover: Global Log Data Basic Functions
WTMIG_PROT2 Withholding Tax Changeover: Detailed Log Data Basic Functions
WTMIG_TABKEY Withholding Tax Changeover: Keys of Table Entries Added Basic Functions
WTRAD Runtime Measurement: Log: Item Data Additionals Management
WTRAH Runtime Measurement: Log: Header Data Additionals Management
WTREE Version Management for Reclassification Trees Material Groups
WTYBWC Times of Last BW Extraction Warranty Claim Processing
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