SAP Parameter FN_AUDIT - Name of security audit file


Short text
Name of security audit file

Parameter description
Valid file name for the relevant operating system. The name must containexactly eight (8) '+' in a row as these contain the current date and thefollowing six (6) '#' from the system which are then subsituted by asequential number.

Work area

Default value
Operating system-dependent

Who is allowed

Limitation for os
The file name must correspond to the relevant conventions of theoperating system.

Limitation for db

Other parameter
This parameter is only relevant if

  • Parameter rsau/enable has value 1 (audit is activated) or audit with
  • transaction SM19 is activated dynamically.
    The directory of the security audit files is specified with theparameter DIR_AUDIT.
    audit_++++++++_###### AUDIT++++++++_######.AUD
    The file name must not exceed 75 characters in length.

441639Security Audit: No evaluation occurs in transaction SM20
198646Security Audit: Collective note for problems with SM18
875835SecAudit: Analysis finds no audit events