SAP Parameter sapgui/signature_color - Set the SAP GUI signature color to be used with this system


Short Text
Specifies the default color palette for the SAP signature design of SAPGUI when logging on to this system.

Parameter Description
This parameter specifies the color palette with which an SAP GUI windowis displayed when the SAP GUI connection is opened to this system.
The prerequisites for using this function:

  • SAP GUI for Windows 7.30 (or newer)

  • The user's SAP GUI must be configured so that the SAP Signature Theme is
  • selected.
    • A setting must be made in the SAP GUI options so that the assignment of
    • the default by an SAP system is accepted.
      A related parameter is sapgui/theme. However, it specifies the design inwhich SAP GUI screens in this system are displayed when the settingsystem-dependent or Enjoy system-dependent is set in SAP GUI.
      These two parameters are independent of each other, meaning that it ispossible to have defaults for the SAP Signature Theme and the EnjoyDesign in parallel.

      Application Area
      SAP GUI

      Parameter Unit

      Default Value
      Empty string. This value is interpreted to mean that the SAP GUIdisplays the standard SAP signature design (blue).

      Are Other Parameters Affected or Dependent?

      Permitted Values
      SAP Gold: Display with gold color palette
      SAP Green: Display with green color palette
      SAP Purple: Display with purple color palette
      SAP Red: Display with red color palette&PARAMETER&