Programme SAP WVXPRA04 - Fill new field VLGWK (reference plant) in table TWKAO

This XPRA report program updates table TWKAO (sales price calculation:pricing type assignment), to which the field VLGWK (reference plant)has been added. In table TWKAO, which you can find by choosing Central Coordination -> Sales -> Pricing -> Assign Pricing Type toOrganizational Level in the Retail Implementation Guide (IMG), youcan assign pricing types to organizational levels.
Up to Release 4.0 the reference plant was determined in Pricing usingthe following access logic:


  • Use TWPA-VLGFI (for store distribution chains) or TWPA-VLGVZ (in all
  • other cases)
    • Use the first valid entry in table TVKWZ

    • As of Release 4.0 the reference plant is determined in Pricing fromTWKAO-VLGWK directly. To ensure the compatibility of this release withprevious releases, this XPRA report program supplies initial values fortable field TWKAO-VLGWK using exactly the same logic in Pricing asbefore.

      The processing start and end times are entered in the log. If tableTWKAO is already maintained in full in one client, this information isalso logged. In addition, a warning message is generated if themodification of the database table resulted in an error.