Programme SAP /DSD/HH_SE_CRED - Credit Management: Create Credit Data (Exposure & KNKK)

This report creates a credit vector for each credit account (in acontrol area). You can use this credit vector either in a distributedcredit management environment or a non-distributed system.
In a distributed credit management scenario, several decentralized SDsystems can operate active credit management against a centralized FIsystem. To do so, this report creates a credit vector in the FIsystem. This credit vector contains, in summary form, all theinformation for a credit account (in one control area) required for thecredit check in SD. This report, which is started periodically, createsthe FI status data and sends it (if necessary) to the decentralized SDsystems as defined in the ALE distribution model. The data is receivedand saved in the databases in these SD systems. The decentralized checksthen do not have to run against the database (which only mirrors thelocal activities), but against the credit vector instead, which containsall open items.
For performance reasons, it may make sense to run the SD credit checkagainst the credit vector even in non-distributed systems, because therepeated reading of open items can be exchanged with the repeatedreading of the results of the query.

A credit vector is created for a customer when
This customer is defined in at least one company code of thecorresponding control area
Control area data exists for this customer in the customer master datatable in Credit Management
The preparatory settings for Credit Management have been maintainedappropriately in Customizing
A logical system has been defined and assigned to the proper client (ALECustomizing)
A credit vector for a customer is distributed from the centralized FI todecentralized SDs via ALE when
The above prerequisites for vector creations are met
The requested ALE distribution has been maintained in Customizing

If FI status data was created, the number of customers for which creditvectors were created is specified for the respective credit controlarea. The system also outputs the set time stamp (creation time) and thesaved logical system (system where the FI status data was defined).
You can display the credit vectors in the credit overview,
(RFDKLI40), in the credit master sheet (RFDKLI41), in the early-warninglist (RFDKLI42), and in the "Customer Credit Management" menu.