Paramètre SAP snc/data_protection/use - Level of data protection for R/3 initiated connections


Short text
Default level of data protection forR/3-initiated connections.This parameter specifies the data transfer protection forconnections that were initiated by the R/3 System, including caseswhere for the CPI-C or RFC destination used as the QOP (qualityof protection), the use of the default is configured with theSNC options (QOP=8).

Work area

Parameter unit
Integer value

Default value
9 (that is, value from snc/data_protection/max)

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db
Nonesnc/enable - Activate the SNC module(Secure Network Communications)snc/data_protection/min - Lowest
requirement for data transferprotectionsnc/data_protection/max - Maximum
level for data protection<(><<)>= snc/data_protection/max
<(>><)>= snc/data_protection/min

  • 1 (Secure authentication only)

  • 2 (Data integrity protection)

  • 3 (Data privacy protection)