Paramètre SAP icm/cancel_strategy - Cancel strategy of ICM


Short text
Cancel strategy of ICMThis parameter defines the situations in which the ICM can send asoft cancel to the work process. The following values are possible:

  • 0: The ICM nevers sends a soft cancel to a work process

  • 1: The ICM can send a soft cancel to the work process in the case
  • of a stateless session
    • 2: The ICM can send a soft cancel to the work process, regardless
    • of whether the session is stateful or stateless.
      The ICM sends a soft cancel if, for example, the connection to thebrowser is broken or a timeout has been exceeded.With the default value of 1, this is not done for stateful sessions,meaning that the user context in the backend is retained.

      Work area

      Parameter unit
      Whole number between 0 and 2

      Default value
      1 (Cancel only possible for stateless sessions)

      Who is allowed
      The customer

      Limitation for os

      Limitation for db