Note 1175719 - Termination when planning functions are executed

Version / Date 2 / 2008-06-04
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Program error
Primary Component BW-BEX-ET-WJR BEx Web Java Runtime
Secondary Components


You execute a BI Java Web application that contains selection objects (filter) or queries that are used for the configuration of planning functions. The following termination occurs if you now adjust the selection of a characteristic that is in the filter using an order, for example, Set_Selection_State_by_binding, and transfer the selection, for example, to a planning function:
ABEND RS_EXCEPTION(000): Dereferencing of the NULL reference

Reason and Prerequisites

This is a configuration error that is not caught properly by the program.
You try to set a selection with regard to a selection object or a query for a characteristic that does not support dynamic selection. The termination occurs if we are dealing with hierarchy nodes.


If you want to transfer a selection, for example, from a line selection in the analysis item to a characteristic, this must support dynamic selection. Therefore, the query must have the characteristic in the free characteristics, lines, columns or in the default value area.

In the Planning Modeler or the Planning Wizard, you must set "Changeable upon Execution" for the characteristic. You can find this by displaying "Extended view".

The attached correction only prevents the ABAP dump.

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI

           Import Support Package 17 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 BI (BI Patch 17 or SAPKW70017) into your BI system. The Support Package is available when Note 1106569"SAPBINews BI 7.0 Support Package 17", which describes this Support Package in more detail, is released for customers.

In urgent cases, you can implement the correction instructions as an advance correction.

You must first read Note 875986, which provides information about transaction SNOTE.

To provide information in advance, the notes mentioned above may already be available before the Support Package is released. In this case, the short text of the note contains the words "Preliminary version".

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