Note 1032044 - OPatch Failing in Validation Phase

Version / Date 2 / 2007-02-27
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Workaround for missing functionality
Primary Component BC-DB-ORA Oracle
Secondary Components BC-DB-ORA-INS Installation SAP System with Oracle


Starting with opatch versions and 10.2.0.x a new "validation phase" has been added to OPatch.
This phase is executed at the end of the patch install and validates several parts of the apply:
       Verifying that patch ID is in Oracle Home inventory.
       Verifying copy files.
       Verifying jar files.
       Verifying archive files

When installing an interim patch (including Critical Patch Updates) the validation phase fails to recognize a successful install.
You may receive the following errors:

     Verifying archive files.

      Archive failed: failed to update
      "<ORACLE_HOME>/lib/libserver9.a" with updated

     There are 1 issues patching static library in Oracle Home.

     FILE PROBLEM: some files are not patched.
     OPATCH_JAVA_ERROR: Patch was not successfully applied.

     Verification of the patch failed.
     ERROR: OPatch failed as verification of the patch failed.

Also the following will be seen in earlier versions of 10.2.x OPatch:

   FINEST:CheckSum of 2 streams are 594889758 and 594889552
   FINE:  2 files are identical? FALSE
   INFO:     Archive failed: failed to update
     "<ORACLE_HOME>/lib/libserver10.a" with updated

Other terms

opatch OPATCH_JAVA_ERROR archive

Reason and Prerequisites

The problem has been seen so far on Solaris 10.
Solaris 10 appears to be adding a few bytes to the size of the objects being archived into libraries. Due to that, the validation phase is failing during the archive file validation because the size of the newly installed object does not match the size of the object in the patch.
  The file in the patch :
   ls -l <stage>/5369855/files/lib/libserver9.a/qksop.o
        31424  Feb 16 03:52  5369855/files/lib/libserver9.a/qksop.o
  The archived file :
    ar -vt $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libserver9.a |grep qksop
       31428  Feb 16 03:52 2007  qksop.o

The problem was reported in the Oracle bug 4967132.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words : files patch file opatch oracle failed home libserver9 qksop archive source verifying 0 size validation name stage phase apply error

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