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Component : CCMS/Database Monitors for DB2 Universal Database - DB2 Universal Database for Unix / NT

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :
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1923803DB6: Dump on Compression Screen due to SQL Error -55555
1903492DB6: SQL error SQL0650N when compressing MDC or ITC tables
1902099DB6: Short Dump on Dashboard Screen
1893153DB6: dump when navigating from DB02 or ST04 to other screens
1883854DB6: SQL0150N Caused by Index Data Collector Migration
1879638DB6: SQL0420N Error in Data Collector "Tables"
1873678DB6: Lock Wait Events Do Not Respect Filter Criteria
1871228DB6: SQL0204N "SAPTOOLS.DBH_STG_TABLESTO" is undefined
1860682RZ20: Last Successful Backup is Red Although Valid Backup
1850382DB6: Incorrect Data on History Screens
1848055DB6: Latch Wait Data Collector Cannot Be Removed
1848054DB6: Self-Monitoring Check for Master Note Not Updated
1845863DB6: Memory screen does not consider members/partitions
1839880DB6: SQL0150N During DCF Setup
1835822DB6: Compatibility Patches for IBM DB2 10.5 for LUW
1833064DB6: Exception CX_DBA_ADBC for DPF
1831885DB6: Fehler beim Zugriff auf Partitionen
1828601DB6: EXPLAIN error for SAP connection User <> SAP schema
1824256DB6: SQL0443N Routine "SYSFUN.TIMESTAMPDIFF" error
1820785DB6: SQL0601N while setting up data collectors
1817567DB6: Data collector optimization to reduce lock list usage
1817052DB6: Support for new event monitor for locking format
1816097DBA Cockpit: Unnecessary logon queries
1814613DB6: High Values for COST_ESTIMATE_TOP in WLM Statistics
1814503DBA Cockpit: Runtime error CX_SY_MOVE_CAST_ERROR for NLS
1812253DB6: Negative Values on Time Spent Screen
1809794DB6: Performance Optimization on Index/Tables Data Collector
1808406DBA-RDI: LOB fields are not properly handled in groupings
1807808DB6: Compression Candidate List is Empty
1806649DB6: Corrections of the SAP GUI DCF Screen
1803256DB6: Automatic Table Maintenance Table Filter Is Not Updated
1798331DB6: Compression Data Collector Holding Up Logging
1797937DB6: Laufzeitfehler beim Ändern des Autostorage
1796663DB6: Missing indices on SAPTOOLS tables
1790616DB6: Historische Daten werden nicht angezeigt
1790136DB6: Transaction EW58 on DB2 LUW ends with a short dump
1788346MAI: Wrong calculation of deadlock, lock escalation
1783711DBA: Database setup has an error
1779503DB6: Dump in lock-wait event facility
1778906DB6: Incorrect messages during parameter check
1778313DB6: SQL0873N in time spent analysis
1777495MAI: Extraction for DB values did not work
1776562DB6: CLI0112E while reading bufferpool data from SYSCAT
1775471DB6:Runtime error CX_SY_COMPRESSION_ERROR in parameter check
1775273DB6: SAPTOOLS tables are not properly reorganized
1774199DBA Cockpit: Logon data for connection unchanged
1774120DB6: SQL0104N during setup of WLM statistics data collector
1772121DB6: Long lock waits on event monitor for locking tables
1769246DB6: Errors During Setup of Package Cache Collector
1768749DB6: Errors in Event Monitor Handling
1761019DBA Cockpit: NO_DISPLAY option for EXPLAIN
1759692DB6: Change functions are available without authorization
1759529DB6:Runtime error CONVT_NO_NUMBER for logging display
1758150CCDB: Extraction for local system failed
1757131DB6: Data Collectors Cause Full Transaction Log
1756380DB6:Long transaction runtimes for REORGCHK_ALL
1747260DB6: Package Cache Data Collector Causes SQL0433N
1747014DB6: Pool Read/Write Time is Zero in DPW
1746808DB6: SQL0456N When Setting Up Data Collectors
1745270DB6: Dump During Data Collector Implementation
1745035DB6: DBA Cockpit Back-End Is Under Forced Ownership
1744168DB6: Automatic Maintenance REORG Table Size Wrong
1743888DB6: Automatic maintenance days are shifted
1741131DBA Cockpit: Runtime error CREATE_OBJECT_CLASS_NOT_FOUND
1740600DBA Cockpit: Laufzeitfehler bei DDIC-Abgleich
1740008DB6: SQL-Fehler SQL0418N bei Anzeige des Diag Logs
1736460DB6: Laufzeitfehler DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION im DBA Cockpit
1735316DB6: Fehlermeldung 'Falsche Tabellenbereichszuordnung'
1734229DB6: Error on Index Screen with DB2 for LUW Lower than V9.7
1733493DB6: SQL-Fehler SQL0104N im DBA Cockpit
1731388The max number of second. database connections was exceeded
1728759DB6/SYB: DCF Auto Update Does Not Work
1728042RZ20: Database connection attribute becomes inactive
1727840DBA Cockpit: Configuration entries cannot be changed
1727477DB6: Maximum BIGINT values for table counters
1727314DB6: Duplicate Entries for Bufferpool/Tablespace Collector
1726916DBA Cockpit: Lokales System verwendet RFC-Verbindung
1726340DBA Cockpit: Runtime error OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED
1718188DB6: WLM Metrics Data Extractor Causes High Temp Usage
1717106DB6: Data Collector Ownership Not Properly Set
1715259DB6: Automatic Maintenance Policies Are Corrupted
1712686DB6: Some metrics related to I/O have the value 0 in DPW
1706793DB6: Fehler beim Konvertieren von virtuellen Tabellen
1706054DB6: Collector error SQL0204N SAPTOOLS.DBH_CURR_HOSTNAME
1705783Remote monitoring of SAP Solution Manager failed with a dump
1704813DB6: Fehler beim Anlegen von Datenklassen
1701785DB6: REORG-Job für Tabellenkomprimierung bricht ab
1699369CCDB: Extraction of DB values failed
1698605DB6: Runtime error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED during navigation
1697223DB6: Falsche Anzeige von Sperren
1695822DB6: Runtime error for performance history
1695561DBA Cockpit: Falsche Konfiguration nach Systemkopie
1694688DB6: Incorrect display of the buffer pools for DPF systems
1694503DB6: Anzeige der Systemressourcen ist nicht auswählbar
1693710DB6: Wrong Handling of Null Values in DBA Cockpit Backend
1692536DB6: Automatic Maintenance Table Filter Not Saved
1691569DB6: Fehler im REORGCHK_ALL bei Komprimierungsprüfung
1691525DB6: Wrong Sort Share Heap Metrics
1690743DBA: DBA Cockpit Uses Trusted RFC on Solution Manager
1689343DB6: Error during parameter check
1689035Wrong Date on Logging Parameters Screen on Windows
1688804Error in ST05 when collecting DDIC information
1686455DB6: Update Task Schedules With Respect to User Context
1686034DB6: Long runtimes for parameter history display
1685777DBA: Dump in Function DBA_SOLMAN_CCDB_EXTRACT
1684896DBA Cockpit: Runtime error when changing system
1684460DB6: Data Collector Configuration Disabled with SAPMON Role
1684075DB6: Tables -> Reorg Candidates show wrong result set
1682665DB6: Short Dump on Virtual Tables Screen
1682193DB6: Data Collector Configuration Status Not Properly Set
1681496DB6: Database Roles SAPMON/SAPTOOLS - Fixes for DBA Cockpit
1679015DB6: Error During DBA Cockpit Back-End Setup
1678825E2E Alerting: Wrong calculation of tablespace fill ratio
1677077DBA Cockpit: DB13 back-end configuration cannot be changed
1676978DB6: Error when accessing partitions
1667259DB6: Historical data is not displayed
1666814DBA Cockpit: Endless loop occurs when starting DBA Cockpit
1664549DBA Cockpit: Start of DBA Cockpit takes a very long time
1660865DB6: Incorrect owner for virtual tables
1660560DBA Cockpit: Verbesserte Datensammlung für DB13C
1660405DB6: Unable to create data collector for lock-wait events
1658132DB6: Runtime error CX_WD_CONTEXT in DBA Cockpit
1658060DB6: DCF Screen Shows Wrong User Warning Message
1655270DB6: I/O Metrics in WebDynpro DBA Cockpit for DB2 LUW V9.7
1655080DB6: Timeout in transaction ST07
1654774DB6: SQL0418N on "Space -> Database" Screen
1654250DB6: Data Collector Repair Causes "Not Supported" Errors
1653778DB6: Fehler beim Lesen der Kompressionsdaten einer Tabelle
1653515DB6: Unvollständige Anzeige des Alert-Baums
1652827DB6: SQL0443N on Lock-Wait Events Screen
1652475DB6: Usernames, Password and Port Numbers Lost in DBCON
1648794DB6: Automatic Maintenance Failure
1648301DB6: Setup of Data Collection Framework Fails
1645902DBA: DBA Cockpit Database Release Not Properly Synchronized
1645804DB6: Warning for Data Collectors on Non-Unicode Databases
1645495DBA Cockpit: Fehler bei externen Aufrufen aus ST05 und ST12
1645286DB6: Unable to Create Routine SAPTOOLS.DBH_WLM_STATS_COLLECT
1643649DBA Cockpit: Unnecessary request of logon data
1638865DB6: High Number of Messages in SAPTOOLS.SP_MSG_LOG
1634006DB6: Das Schema SAPTOOLS kann nicht aktualisiert werden
1631168DBA Cockpit: Runtime error UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION
1630563DB6: Package Cache Data Collector Does Not Collect EXPLAIN
1629407DBA Cockpit: Runtime error OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED
1628029DB6: Error when collecting historical data
1626780DB6: Error Messages Extractor causes Errors in EFWK
1626472DB6: Error message SQL0443N in background process
1626449DB6: SQL0873N During Setup of Data Collector for Locking
1625631DB6: ALTER TABLE Command for DECIMAL fails
1625086DB6: Availability of historical table data
1624638DB6: Maximum Table Size not updated in Automatic Maintenance
1624436DBA Cockpit: Errors when accessing SHM area CL_DBA_SHM_AREA
1623718DB6: NLS configuration entry cannot be created
1619636DBA Cockpit: Daily scheduling is not deleted
1619084DBA Cockpit: Runtime err MESSAGE_TYPE_X when alert displayed
1617607DBA: Dump in DBA Cockpit when opened in external browser
1616170DB6: Auto Update of Data Collector Does Not Work
1615834DB6: Corrected DCF Template for Collector 'Diag Log'
1615698DBA Cockpit: Incorrect date selection in DB13C
1613270DB6: Runtime error DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION in DBA cockpit
1610934DB6: Tables/Index Collectors have Logging or Locking Issues
1604065DBA: Error NiPGetHostByName '' not found in dev trace
1599764DB6: SQL error 1428 when calling transaction SM50
1598074DB6: Adjusting parameter check
1597373DB6: Error message 'Wrong tablespace relation'
1591829DB6: File System Free Space Check is Not Correct
1583922DB6: Migration of Task Scheduler does not work
1580784DBA Cockpit: Runtime errors w/ incorrectly entered password
1579930DB6: Incorrect check of the DB client software
1576626DB6: Alert Metric for Fill Ratio of Primary Log
1576094DB6: Database error SQL1751N in partitioning wizard
1572410DB6: Excessive runtime in the data collector 'Diag Log'
1571365DB6: SQL error SQL0443N in alert monitoring of DPF system
1569708DB6: Missing performance data in DBA Cockpit
1568800DB6: Error when deleting alert messages
1565618DB6: Error on Space -> Database Screen in DBA Cockpit
1565355DB6: Runtime error CX_WDR_ADAPTER_EXCEPTION in DBA Cockpit
1565237DB6: Alert Message Log jumps to Sybase Information Center
1564871DB6: Using the job REORGCHK_ALL
1564257DB6: Dumps on CLP screen
1564048DB6: Wrong growth for tables
1563775DB6: Top N SQL Statements screen does not show any data
1563774DB6: Data collector for lock events configuration not saved
1563632DB6: SELECTION_GORUPS is an undefined name
1563513DB6: Database snapshot incorrect with multiple buffer pools
1563327DB6: SQL error SQL0551N when accessing SYSSTAT.TABLES
1563325DB6: Runtime error CX_PARAMETER_INVALID_TYPE
1562428DB6: Error SQL0183N when accessing the history tables
1559967DB6: SQL error 206 when collecting the table history
1559162DBA Cockpit: Runtime error OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED
1557981DB6: Adjustments in DBA Cockpit for new database versions
1554134DB6: CCDB Wrapper not Remote Enabled
1552812DB6: Use of db2sap functions
1551729DB6: Incorrect number of key fields in EXPLAIN
1535684DBA: DB2 instance crashes when DCF is injected
1524302DB6: WebDynpro DBA Cockpit fails if sap is in the hostname
1521525DB6: Table display is not sorted
1517449BS BOPF: Conversion of alternative keys fails
1512669DB6: Setup/run 'Diag Log' collector in DCF fails (DB2 V9.5)
1505002DBA: Patches for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP1
1954802DB6: pureScale Features for DBA Cockpit